Portrait Greg Bray

Greg Bray

Born, in Auckland, New Zealand, into a family of athletes, Greg’s first recollection of film-making was seeing his father shoot his twin sisters in the National Synchronized Swimming Champs with his trusty old Super 8.

During his school years, Greg followed in his sisters footsteps into synchronized swimming and teamed up with life-time friend and training buddy Tony “Duck-dive Simpson. In 1979 the pair became the darlings of the synchronized swimming world and gained regional recognition with their signature move: the “I’ve Seen A Swan deep dive. Falling out with their coach at the World Champs in Uzbekistan in 1983, left Greg & Tony searching for new opportunities. Always up for a challenge, the two pursued a career in Competitive Speed Knitting - winning almost every Speed Knitting meet in the country. However, after a stunning career spanning 17 years, Tony fell victim to SKW (Speed Knitting Wrist) and the two were forced to retire in 2000.

Greg took a year off to relax. During this year he picked up his fathers’ old Super 8mm camera. Putting it back down again, Greg decided advertising was the future. A 15 year career as a creative in advertising was acknowledged with numerous awards, including a coveted Titanium Pork Chop in 2006.

From New Zealand, across the Middle East and eventually into Europe, Greg’s creative journey was rewarding - and not once did he think of his sequined swimming cap, nor the community swimming pool where the dream began.

Amidst the hype and success of writing award winning ads, Greg still longed for more and it was in Berlin that he pulled out his fathers’ old Super 8mm camera once again and decided on a career directing award winning TV commercials.

Greg lives in Berlin with his wife and his two children.