Portrait Mauri R. Chifflét

Mauri R. Chifflét

Mauri R. Chifflét was born in sunny Montevideo but raised in snowy Sweden. Chifflét grew an early interest in painting and classical percussion, combining these two eventually got him into experimenting with filmmaking in high school. He managed to persuade his teachers to shoot small documentaries instead of writing essays and that sparked his passion for storytelling. He moved to Copenhagen during the „dogma years“ to learn and left the camera aside to develop storytelling. 

Mauri is based in Stockholm today and splits his time between commercial work with strong visual narrative and documentary work. His up-coming lm „MAD DOG - from chaos to comeback“ about an MMA ghter that lost his way in life, premiered on Swedish SF theaters the 7th of October to good reviews.

Mauri has H&M, Lexus, LG, Carlsberg, Ecco, Björn Borg and Swedish Airports on his reel, winning a Webby Award 2011, a FWA and a Dope Award for best Campaign, „Attention to Detail”.