Portrait Axel Laubscher

Axel Laubscher

Axel Laubscher has lived in four continents and speaks four languages. Born in Germany before moving to India, then Colombia, then Germany again, then New York and now Stockholm, Axel is a truly international director, working across the globe and speaking German, Swedish, English and Spanish.

After studying film at the New York University Tisch School of the Arts, Axel moved to Sweden where he began working as a director and later co-founded the production company Social Club in 2002.

Axel’s career in commercial directing has been studded with awards from all around the world, including gold, silver and bronze lions at Cannes and gold and silver Eggs at Sweden’s Golden Egg Advertising Awards. His work includes spots for Lotto, McDonalds, Ikea, VW and HSBC.

Axel’s ability to work with actors and his love of simple, often humorous, storytelling are evident across his whole body of work, as is the diversity of techniques and skills which his extensive experience of directing has provided him with.