Agency: Walker Agency Zürich
Awards: ADC Schweiz Bronze, ADC Schweiz Sonderpreis
Portrait Jesper Ohlsson

Jesper Ohlsson

Yours truly is an Academic film buff turned director. Writing papers and analyzing film taught me the basics about storytelling, but I soon realized my ego was destined for other things. Once I made my first short film I was hooked. My interest in film was fueled by a move to London where I spent my pennies on matinés at Prince Charles Cinema. Growing up, music always had the upper hand and a nerdy interest in motion picture scores led me to the wonderful world of film. Dreams of rock’n’roll stardom didn’t pan out so I figured I’d take a crack at something simple like filmmaking... After finishing film school where I focused on directing shorts and finally I started directing commercials. I love nailing moods, be it sad, scary or humorous. That’s what triggers me as a filmmaker. I was proud to be shortlisted for the Young Director’s Award at Cannes Lions with one of my very first films, KPA. It proved I’m doing something right. I’m fluent in Swedish and English and have some rusty knowledge of school Spanish and French. What else? I’m a wannabe surfbum. Far from a natural. In fact, I suck. Still love it though.“

As a commercial director, Jesper is an intellectual problem solver, always working to flesh out the best possible stories through layered character development, unique filmmaking styles, and an intense attention to music and editing. His passion for storytelling has brought him opportunities to shoot around the world for a wide range of international clients like Ikea, Netflix, Nokia or Lätta.