Portrait Maurus Vom Scheidt

Maurus Vom Scheidt

Maurus vom Scheidt is a freelance director working on commercials and movies. And he'd love to shoot a music video...

Maurus was shortlisted at the Young Directors Award in Cannes while still studying directing at Munich Film School. He directed well over 100 projects with a focus on commercials for global clients like Balenciaga, Goodyear, Ikea, Nintendo, Skoda, Sony and Vodafone in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa.

In addition to his advertising work Maurus has directed a number of short films and long-format projects. These include the feature "Wie Licht schmeckt", an adaptation of Friedrich Ani's coming of age novel, and the prime time buddy comedy "Einer für alle, alles im Eimer" for German TV broadcaster ZDF.

Maurus lives in Munich with his wife and children.