Portrait Imanol Ruiz De Lara

Imanol Ruiz De Lara

Imanol Ruiz De Lara is a Spanish director recognised worldwide for the unique aesthetics of his award-winning fashion films. His work centres around visual storytelling, weaved with playful performances and art direction. Inspired by high fashion photography, dynamic camera movements and post-production trickery Imanol takes his audience on a captivating visual journey. 

Leading on from the success of his commercial projects for fashion house giants such as Vogue, Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint-Laurent, Imanol broke into advertising with his “Collisions” film for Heart Ibiza which was Shortlisted at Cannes Lions. 

Unsurprisingly Imanol has been busy ever since; making commercials for Aegean, LG, Santander, McDonalds, KFC, Movistar and many more.