Portrait Harry Cauty

Harry Cauty

Riding the Southern Main Line between London and Brighton, Harry’s formative years were spent looking for a way to express himself other than tagging the carriages and walls of both cities. Drawn to the loudness and industrial-ness of film sets, he borrowed a camera and taught himself the basics.
Harry surrounded himself with inspiration, touring with major hip hop artists and getting on as many big music video sets as he could, always learning and never not shooting.

By the time Harry reached his mid-20s he already had a BFI award and many more nominations. He has made music videos for UK artists including Big Zuu and Lady Leshurr as well as content and commercials for globally recognized brands including the BBC, Guinness, Adidas and EA Sports.

Still very much a salt of the earth fella, Harry still can’t decide if he prefers the countryside or an industrial estate. He loves the rain, hasn’t got his motorbike license yet but…has flown a small plane.