Portrait Mads Jeppesen

Mads Jeppesen

As a film director, Mads Jeppesen has acquired a unique way to tell stories through strong narratives and beautiful imagery. With an academic background in communication, Mads has obtained a special understanding and attention to one of the most important pieces of the commercial film puzzle: The viewer. According to Mads, good directing means, not being afraid to challenge your viewers – but always being ready to guide them.

Mads’ ambition and passion are wonderfully reflected in his ability to frame the narrative into a compelling universe and a captivating mood.
In addition to directing, Mads has a lot of experience with cinematography, including editing and producing – always with a focus on high quality.
These skills also mean that he has a unique and understanding of the many facets of production and making sure that everything comes together to achieve the best conceivable result.