Portrait Allen Coulter

Allen Coulter

Allen Coulter is one of today’s most sought after TV directors, with critically-acclaimed episodes of Ray Donovan, House of Cards, and Damages among his credits. In addition to multiple Emmy and DGA nominations for his work on groundbreaking HBO shows like The Sopranos and Sex and the City, Allen received a DGA nomination for his work on Boardwalk Empire and an Emmy nomination for Nurse Jackie. He also directed several episodes of HBO’s rock ‘n’ roll drama, Vinyl.

Allen’s acumen for storytelling, performance, and the finest atmospheric details has paved the way for success in commercials and features. He has directed a wide range of adverts, including spots for Volvo, British Telecom, Staples, and SkyTV. Allen helmed Budweiser’s “Out of Towner,” which earned him an AICP award, and Visa’s “Sheens,” which was honored with an Emmy nomination for “Outstanding Commercial.” Most recently, he directed the witty and fast-paced “Half Court” with basketball star Kevin Durant for Sprint (via Translation).

Allen’s feature credits include Hollywoodland, which earned a Golden Lion nomination at the Venice Film Festival and a Golden Globe nomination for Ben Affleck, and Remember Me, a bittersweet 9/11 drama starring Robert Pattinson. 

Allen is currently working on pilot episodes for both TNT and EPIX, and is teaming up with Major League Baseball on a limited series about the life of Babe Ruth. He resides in New York with his environmental scientist wife, and confesses to being an avid golf watcher, despite his total lack of interest in actually playing the game.